tablets & phones
on wheelchairs or furniture.

Device holders:
Quick Release or Universal

Use “QuickFit” cradles with unique quick release button for iPads with or without Otterbox Defender case. Or choose “UniLink” adapter for virtually any phone, phablet or tablet.

Base Clamps:
for Tubes or Furniture

The petite Tubemount clamp gets a grip on almost any wheelchair tubing. The powerful Multimount clamp fits angular and round structures like table tops, chair legs, bedposts - also wheelchair arm- and backrests

Three different sizes & more options

Three different sizes to make your bamboo arm as articulated as you need - with an additional joint or a longer base tube. Boost your options with our extension kits.

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Base clamp:


Device holder:

Bamboo Uni-Link Articulated Tubemount

Extended dual arm mounting system to attach an iPad/Tablet in a working position over the lap to a wheelchair with low fixation point.

Includes variable tube clamp (for round or oval tubes 15-40mm), 3 joints 360°, Aircraft-grade, reinforced aluminium tubes 400 & 300mm, Bamboo quick release adapter and snug fit tablet holder.
Specify needed tablet adapter on the left!

165 €

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Cradles for iPads
in Otterboxes - 55 €

for iPad 2,3,4 for iPad Air 1 for iPad Air 2 for iPad mini

device holder - 20 €

up to 5" screensize


up to 7.5" screensize


up to 11" screensize



Extension Kit - 39 €

Additional Aircraft-grade aluminium tube 300mm plus 360° joint to extend any Bamboo Mount.
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Extension Kit XL - 49 €

Additional extra long Aircraft-grade aluminium reinforced tube 400mm plus 360° joint to extend any Bamboo Mount.
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FlexTube Kit - 49 €

Additional Gooseneck Flex tube 250mm plus 360° joint to extend any Bamboo Mount. Note: only recommended for mounts with a payload less than 1 lbs / 450g (e.g. iPad Mini, Smartphone, Phablet).
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Kits & Mounts

Premium Kit

Mounting system with three tubes and swivel-function to attach a Phone/Tablet to either tubes as used in wheelchairs or to other structures (e.g. table tops, bedposts or wheelchair armrests).

Includes both one universal clamp (clamps to angular or round elements, max opening 55mm) plus one tube clamp (for round or oval tubes 15-40mm), 3 joints 360°, Aircraft-grade aluminium tubes 200mm, 300mm & 400mm, a swivel joint, one universal link adapter and three universal holders for phones, phablets and tablets. This kit gives ultimate flexibility to create all thinkable mounts!

209 €

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TubeMount - 35 €

Additional variable tube clamp base with Bamboo attachment stud; to clamp to round or oval tubes of 15 - 40mm diameter.
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MultiMount - 39 €

Additional Universal Clamp base with Bamboo attachment stud; to clamp to boards, wheelchair arm rests, table legs or bed posts. Clamps to angular or round elements, max opening 55mm.
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Transfer Kit - 49 €

Additional tube 200mm and Swivel joint with mating grooved catch to comfortably swing away or detach a full mount without losing default position. Allen key for assembly included.
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